Gaspard Ulliel / Saint Laurent (2014)


I'm not going to be the person I'm expected to be anymore.
Hello, do you by any chance know what kind of bracelet or watch Gaspard wears? He always has these two silver bracelets on and a silver watch and I'm curious to know which brand they are from. Love your blog btw, thank you for always updating us on pictures.
- Anonymous

Ugh, those darn bracelets! In a shoot for Mixte Magazine, they listed his bracelet as Dinh Van, and although that one seems thinner than the ones he wears constantly now, it may be the same brand?

As for watches, he seems to be switching between a silver/black face and black one pretty often lately, but I’m not sure what brands they are. It’s hard to find high enough quality shots to compare, and he has worn a rectangular Jaeger-LeCoultre in the past, but to me, the silver watch looks like a Rolex… I’m not by any means a watch expert though.

As always, if anyone has any clue more than I, please help this anon out!


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